As Gas Safe Registered heating engineers, we at The Gas Safety Guy are currently working towards Approved Installer status with Baxi. Many of the leading boiler manufacturers run ‘Approved’ or ‘Accredited’ installer schemes but unfortunately we find that the average consumer is not that aware of these schemes or the benefits therein.

If you use an Accredited or Approved installer, you will find that the installer has to install a minimum quantity of a particular boiler every year. This figure may be 20 or 25 boilers per year. By its’ nature this means that your installer is an ‘expert’ in their chosen brand of boiler. They are very familiar with all aspects of the install and all of the upgrades necessary for you to maximise the benefit of your new boiler.

In addition to this, Approved installers have the ability to offer extended warranties on their chosen brand. A standard warranty can be anything from 2-5 years, whereas Approved installers can usually offer 7 or 10 year warranties. This in itself is a huge benefit, as it protects your investment in a new boiler for that bit longer.

If you are looking for a pro-active engineer who has up—to-date training and qualifications then you should put an Approved installer at the top of your list. A key requirement of most schemes is that engineers participate in regular training events with the manufacturer, meaning they have current and relevant knowledge of the products and how best to install and operate them.

If ‘the worst’ does happen, you could require assistance with your new boiler within the warranty period. If you use an Approved installer to fit your new boiler, they should be there after the install to help you with any problems you may have. Here at The Gas Safety Guy we log any faults within warranty period with Baxi Works on behalf of our customers. As long as the fault is logged before 3pm, Baxi will send an engineer out the following working day to address the fault.

So, to sum up, Approved/Accredited installers have up-to-date training, they can offer extended warranties, they have expertise in specific types of boiler and they can (usually) log faults on your behalf.

If you would like friendly advice or a chat about your heating system or boiler, feel free to call or email us at the Gas Safety Guy.