Your boiler has suffered a fatal breakdown (eek) and you now have to run the gauntlet of getting quotes and deciding whether to use a large national company or a small, local installer.

We are often asked to quote for installs against other small companies, in Edinburgh and the Lothians, similar to ourselves.  If our prices are slightly higher, I am often asked to justify this – ‘Why should I pay you £X amount, when such and such will do the same install for £200 less?’.  Most Gas Engineer businesses HATE this question, but personally I love it, as it gives me a chance to really highlight the benefits of using us and why we are worth that bit more than Joe Bloggs Plumbing down the road.

If I had £10 for every time that we had attended a boiler breakdown and the homeowner or landlord has said “I’m sure this is under warranty but I can’t contact the original installer’ or ‘I’ve tried to contact the manufacturer but they told me the warranty hadn’t been registered’ or ‘I’ve had this problem since it was installed but the guy who installed it won’t come back to it’ and so on, you get the idea, I could go on ad infinitum here.  Suffice to say all my £10’s would have added up to a nice sum and I wouldn’t be writing this blog!

If you choose the Gas Safety Guy to install your boiler in Edinburgh and the Lothians, we will not only install your boiler, we will fully commission the boiler, complete the benchmark and register the Warranty on your behalf.  We are currently working towards BAXI accreditation and would register your BAXI boiler on our BAXI works account.  This means that you have a fabulous 7 year warranty on your boiler and, if you register a fault or breakdown with us before 3pm one day, you will be visited by a BAXI engineer the next day.  This is an excellent service and one of the reasons we are choosing to install BAXI above other brands of boiler.

As well as the above, post-install we will bleed and check all radiators in the property, ensuring heat is evenly distributed and wire up your new thermostat.  We can even talk you through how to operate your new boiler and controls.  When you choose to use us to install your boiler, you do not only get the attention of 2 Gas Safe registered engineers, we also have a dedicated admin resource, meaning you can call or email us at any time in office hours and get a quick response.  In our opinion this value for money service more than justifies a slight premium in price for peace of mind.  If all else fails, I always remember what my Gran used to say ‘Cheap isn’t good and good isn’t cheap’.  When investing in a new boiler or heating system, we think this is sound advice!