In the climate of austerity, everyone is looking for the ‘best’ deal.  Certainly, for a lot of our clients in Edinburgh and the Lothians looking for Gas services, price is an important factor when they are considering which engineer to choose/use.

Quite often, especially when preparing a quote for an install, clients ask first ‘so, how much do you think it will cost?’.

However, there are some other important factors to take into consideration when choosing who will install your new boiler/heating system.  Some other things to consider include; how long will the job take?  When can the install be booked in?  How easy is it to contact the engineer?  How quickly does the engineer react/respond to me?  What sort of warranty is offered on the new boiler? Where is the engineer buying their materials? Does the engineer have a relationship with any manufacturers?  How confident am I that if something goes wrong I will receive good after care?

So often, we are asked to attend to recently installed boilers where the owners are experiencing ‘issues’.  In many cases, the original install engineer has ‘disappeared’ or ‘gone off the radar’ or is ‘too busy’ to respond to the customer.  In these cases, the engineer is often offering to install boilers for low prices.  In the best case scenario this therefore means they have to do a high volume of work to cover their costs, so typically end up over subscribing themselves and then their customer service and work quality can really suffer.  In the worst case scenario, the engineer can find themselves in a position where overheads swallow them up and they are simply no longer in business when you try to contact them about a problem with your boiler or warranty (which they were supposed to register for you but didn’t get round to because they were ‘too busy’ chasing their tail!).

In short, beware the cheapest gas engineer!