It’s a story familiar to many independent Gas Engineers across the UK.  Here, in Edinburgh and the Lothians at the Gas Safety Guy, we receive calls on a weekly basis from customers asking us to come and look at potential faults in their relatively recently installed boilers (less than 5 years since installation).  We attend the call only to find that the boiler SHOULD be covered under warranty, but isn’t.

‘How can that be, how is it even possible?’ we hear you ask!  Well, manufacturers do have certain conditions or stipulations that must be followed in order to maintain the validity of the warranty.  Amongst these usually include correct commissioning of the boiler and completion of the benchmark at the time of installation (STRIKE 1!), annual servicing of the boiler by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer (STRIKE 2!), registration of the Warranty, usually within 30 days of install (STRIKE 3!).

Let’s look at all of these in a bit more detail.

STRIKE 1 – When your new boiler is installed, the Gas Safe Installer should always commission the boiler as per the manufacturer’s installation instructions.  They should then complete the benchmark paper work and return it to you, the homeowner, for safe keeping.  This should be a given, but trust us, in many cases it doesn’t happen.

STRIKE 2 – Annual servicing.  In order to make sure your Warranty is valid your boiler MUST be serviced annually.  Landlords take note!  An annual gas safety check is not sufficient here – a full service must be completed and recorded properly.  When the Gas Safety Guy installs a boiler we can set up an annual service reminder upon request so that you don’t miss this or forget.

STRIKE 3 – Most manufacturers demand that the boiler warranty be registered within 30 days of installation.  Here at the Gas Safety Guy we are happy to complete and register the Warranty on behalf of customers, for complete peace of mind.

We offer annual boiler servicing from £75 across Edinburgh and the Lothians, please feel free to contact us for more details.