Frequently Asked Questions

My boiler is broken, when can you fit a new one?

This is dependant on time of year and availability, but generally we can fit a new boiler within one week and we will prioritise you if you have no heating/hot water.

How much will my new boiler cost?

This really is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question! But, I’ll try my best. Our straight combi swap prices start from £1595 and can go up to over £2000 depending on the brand of boiler and the length of warranty offered. System-combi swaps can be more expensive.

What does my quote include?

Generally, our quotes include as standard – removal and disposal of the old boiler/flue, supply and fit of new boiler and flue, a new wireless programmer/thermostat, a magnetic filter, commissioning and completing benchmark as per manufacturer instructions.

Are there likely to be ‘extra’ costs?

At the Gas Safety Guy, we carry out a full survey and consultation prior to fitting your new boiler or heating system. This means that there should be no ‘nasty’ surprises!  However, things which may nudge the price upwards compared to the standard combi swap price would be things like having to run a new condensate, you requesting a fancy thermostat/programmer (think Hive, Nest etc), your gas pipe requiring an upgrade to meet current regulations (usually upgrading from 15ml to 22ml) and extra flue extensions (depending on the set-up and location of boiler).  Relocating your boiler will also be more costly.

How long does it take to install a new boiler?

Another variable question, but generally a combi swap should be completed in one day. IF there are extra remedial or upgrading works this may lead to the job taking a day and a half to 2 days.  System to combi swaps or removal of an old back boiler to install a combi will be more than 1 day. 

Do you recommend any particular brand of boiler?

We are Baxi Approved installers so certainly, we fit more Baxi than any other brand of boiler. We get excellent support from Baxi and their warranty back up has been fantastic in our experience and the 10 year warranty on the 800 range is hard to beat.  However, we can fit any kind of boiler you like really – just ask us and we will provide quotes for you. 

Where can we check work you have previously done?

We operate on the basis of full transparency and you can view our reviews in several places online – facebook, Google Listing, West Lothian and Edinburgh Council Trusted Trader sites – all carry reviews on a variety of work we have carried out. If you would like to see work we have done and speak to customers in person this can usually be arranged with a bit of notice – we tend to keep in touch with customers and have positive relationships with them.